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2024 Executive Committee Volunteers Wanted!

The Executive Committee (EC) is a group of volunteers responsible for running a Surfrider Foundation chapter. It’s a fun and rewarding position that requires consistent efforts through a two-year term. Chapters are required to elect five standard roles (Chair, Vice Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer, and Secretary) and can add on two or four ‘at large’ EC members if they choose. Surfrider Monterey has a seven person EC and is considering an expansion to nine people. As volunteers, perfection is not expected, but dedication is important. EC members typically meet separately from the general chapter meeting every other month to discuss chapter business and finances, along with engaging in regular communication via Surfrider officer emails and group texts.



Executive Committee members are elected for a two-year term by a vote of active members in November. The top vote getters will become part of the EC for 2024 and 2025 starting in the new year. Each year there are typically 3-5 open positions to help ensure some consistency and institutional knowledge on the EC. For the 2024/25 election we are looking for 2-4 new members to join us. We’re actively recruiting for the Volunteer Coordinator position (see below for a description) a Beach Cleanup Coordinator along with 1 or 2 At-Large positions.


The chapter general body elects EC members; it does not elect specific positions. After the election, the new EC members will meet with the current and outgoing EC members to discuss the duties of the various positions to determine, based on interest and time commitment, who will perform those duties in the coming year.



Any chapter member in good standing may nominate yourself between October 1st and November 18th. A chapter member in good standing is defined as any member of the Surfrider Foundation in Monterey County who has attended at least three (2) chapter events in the twelve (12) months preceding the election. BIPOC and members of the LGBTQ+ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please self-nominate yourself through this form:


Additional Information


Surfrider Foundation chapters are led and run by a small group of incredibly dedicated volunteers. Running a chapter should be fun, but it’s important to remember that every chapter is a direct extension of the nationwide network of Surfrider chapters and thus should seek in every way possible to conduct business in a professional manner. How the chapter conducts itself will determine how we are perceived in your community.


As an Executive Committee member you can expect to spend somewhere from 2 to 5 hours a week on Surfrider communications and tasks, depending on your specific role, the time of year and how active the chapter is. Our current and past EC members come from a variety of professional backgrounds and have a number of skill sets.  Most importantly, we seek self-directing and self-motivated types who care deeply about the protection and enjoyment of our coasts, recognize the power of grassroots action to effect change, and enjoy learning as they go.  


General Functions of a Surfrider Foundation Chapter:


* Identify and work on mission-related issues in the chapter’s geographic area. This means running campaigns to win a decision in favor of the environment and programs that are ongoing.


* Involve members through regular communications, meetings, and by giving them mission-related ways to volunteer


* Grow chapter membership, including retaining current members


* Cultivate, train, and mentor volunteers


* Identify new leaders and prepare them for leadership positions


Executive Committee Members Essential Functions:


* Prioritize and support chapter campaigns and programs


* Organize and staff community outreach events


* Organize and plan fundraising and awareness events 


* Coordinate and support volunteers


* Participate in and co-lead subcommittees, i.e. campaign, program or event committees.


* Communicate regularly with and be responsive to Regional or National Staff


* Communicate regularly with and be responsive to chapter membership


* Conduct annual chapter planning early each year, including rough sketches of campaigns and budgets. Implement the annual plan during the year


* Ensure that chapter funds are raised, spent, and accounted for properly


* Meet minimum requirements for chapter operation and comply with Surfrider Chapter Bylaws


The ideal candidate is an organized and detail-oriented individual with strong leadership skills who enjoys empowering others and building community. One of the most important jobs in the chapter because there are typically hundreds of members in every chapter.


Must be a Surfrider Foundation Member, approximately 2 to 5 hours a week, 2-year commitment.

  • Coordinate with committees (campaign or events) and/or campaign and program leaders to identify volunteer needs
  • Lead volunteer recruitment by communicating those needs to the membership and posting volunteer opportunities elsewhere as appropriate
  • Uses the Surfrider Foundation Golden Volunteer Management System to manage and recruit volunteers to all activities including but not limited, beach clean ups, general meetings, events and campaign actions.
  • Get to know volunteers, their interests and match them to opportunities
  • Respond to inquiries from people seeking to volunteer
  • Contribute to the chapter’s website and social media pages
  • Possibly – communicate to the chapter membership via mass emails
  • *Note: unless the Volunteer Coordinator wants to, the Volunteer Coordinator is not expected to lead a program (i.e. beach cleanups) or lead specialized volunteer training (i.e. for water quality monitoring). These duties fall to the respective Program Leaders.
  • Communicates effectively with members 
  • Takes a lead on organizing Volunteer Appreciation event(s) and Core Volunteer Training(s) with support from other EC members and regional staff.


The ideal candidate is available to plan, coordinate and host a monthly beach cleanup.


Must be a Surfrider Foundation Member and availableapproximately 2 to 5 hours a week.

    • Coordinate beach cleanup logistics such as the annual schedule, permits as needed, request insurance through Surfrider HQ, etc.
    • Host cleanups, typically on a Saturday or Sunday morning from 10-12. Help to transport cleanup supplies or delegate to another volunteer as needed.
    • Use the Surfrider Foundation Golden Volunteer Management System to post beach cleanup opportunities.
    • Respond to inquiries from people seeking to volunteer
    • Contribute to the chapter’s website and social media pages
    • Inputs beach cleanup data into national database.