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Happy Girl Kitchen

Happy Girl Kitchen is a cafe/coffee shop located in Pacific Grove. Started by Todd and Jordan in 2011, they are committed to working and building relationships with the local organic communities in the area. Todd is connected with many farmers, previously being one himself, including Life Earth Farm in Watsonville. Not only does the restaurant provide organic vegetarian dishes, they also have a year round selection of canned and pickled goods that local farms were unable to sell due to excess amounts. Unlike other restaurants in the area that use low cost plastic and styrofoam utensils and packaging, Todd believes that there is no too high price when it comes to protecting our environment.

Happy Girl Kitchen owner Todd and the Ocean Friendly Restaurant student coordinators

Happy Girl Kitchen was really easy to certify as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, as they are already using compostable to-go ware and utensils (Passion Purveyors), as well as participating Monterey Regional Waste Management District’s compost program.

Written by Chartwell High School Students Christopher Mathews, Michael Beheshti, and Joshua Jackson