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August 10 - Ask the California Coastal Commission to stop sand mining


Surfrider Monterey and Save Our Shores are teaming up to support the California Coastal Commission's fight to end erosion caused by the CEMEX plant in Marina. Your voice counts. Join us as we encourage the Commission to expedite their action to close the illegal operation when they meet in Santa Cruz next month. Quantity counts! The more people in the audience we have, holding signs to SAVE OUR BEACHES - the stronger our message. We are hoping to rally 100 people there - please join us if you can.


August 10th
8:30 - 9:30am


To close the illegal sand mine in Marina


Meetup: Find us at the Surfrider/Save Our Shores table near the entrance, 8:30am.  CCC meeting begins at 9:00am.

Comments: There will be time for a limited number of oral comments.  The rest of us will be there to show support.  Written comments are welcome and encouraged. Send your comments to in advance of the meeting.

Fun: We'll be handing out advocacy signs for you to actively show your support to close the sand mine. There will be plenty of coffee to strengthen the mood!

Carpool: If you live in Monterey, we're organizing carpools from the Marina Walmart at corner of California and Reservation Road. We'll meet at 7:15am.

RSVP: Please let us know if you are coming, for carpooling and sign making purposes.
Write to Kathy Biala at

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