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Monterey Plastics Ordinance

12 • 17 • 2018

Monterey Plastics Ordinance

The Monterey chapter is working with a coalition of groups to pass an updated single-use plastic ordinance. The goal is to ban plastic straws and prohibit disposable food service ware for dine-in customers.

VICTORY! On December 18 the City of Monterey, CA amended its City Code related to disposable food service ware, and is set to go into effect 4/22/2019 – Earth Day.  The strong language in the code updates previous efforts, including a 2008 Styrofoam takeout container ban, aimed at curtailing plastic waste in the food service industry.  The new code permits only paper or reusable straws and bamboo or reusable stirrers.  It also permits only #1 or #2 plastics (the most recyclable) and compostable to-go containers (Monterey County has an industrial composting facility).  Importantly, the code also prohibits disposable food service ware for dine-in customers. The Monterey County Chapter, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and a dedicated coalition of environmental partners have been advocating for this level of restrictions for years and are proud to call this City Code Amendment a victory!  They intend to take this model to neighboring cities as well as the county.  Stay tuned…!