At our Chapter, we’re always doing something to protect our beaches and the ocean we surf in, swim in, love, and enjoy.

Want to join a beach cleanup or help preserve the Southern Monterey Bay coastline? Learn how to Rise Above Plastics and reduce the plastic soup in the ocean? Become a Surfrider member?

Explore our site to learn about all the programs we have to offer, and how you can get involved. And come out to our bi-monthly chapter meeting to meet and greet with other ocean activists and discuss the latest and greatest Monterey Surfrider happenings.


Chair – Kevin Miller

A long time resident of the Monterey Peninsula, Kevin is a mountain saunterer, wave tumbler, bike rider, trail loser, and paper cutter. He initially got involved with the chapter to help out with the website, and is excited to work on growing our base of volunteers and members so our campaigns reach a broad audience.

Chapter Coordinator – Ximena Waissbluth

Born in Chile, raised in Ohio, rooted in California.

X got involved with Surfrider Monterey in 2005 when somoene tapped her in the waves at South Moss and said “You want to get involved?”  And she said “Sure!”  She found environmental activism was in her blood, and has been active in the Chapter ever since.  As Chapter Coordinator she helps guide our various programs, campaigns, events and volunteers.

Vice Chair – Antony Tersol

Born in Carmel, grew up in Carmel, so ocean became a part of my life.

Went away: to UCSC where I studied physics and biology

Came back: worked briefly at an abalone farm, as a seasonal research aide for Calif. Fish and Game, and as a lab tech for MPC physics department.

Went away: to UCSD for graduate school in Applied Physics, then Scripps Institute of Oceanography in Physical Oceanography.

Went further away: to Bali where friends and I started a manufacturing and import company (Little Dogs of Bali).

Came back to Monterey Peninsula, worked as a consultant in physics education. Since 2001 have designed and engineered solar energy systems, and am creating a solar energy training program for Rancho Cielo, Salinas.

Beach Clean Up Coordinator — Susan Singer

Susan was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Puerto Rico and Massachusetts and has moved 28 times (nationally and internationally) as an adult, about a dozen of those moves here in the Peninsula.  She moved here for the first time in 1994, has moved back and forth three times and has lived here on and off for 15 years.

Susan is a public high school teacher, a baker of custom cakes and desserts, a traveler, a racquetball player, and a bicycle rider.  She started volunteering at Beach Clean Ups in 2012 and took over the BCUs in November of 2016.  While she is not a surfer of anything but the couch, she loves the ocean and the beach and keeping it clean and accessible for all who visit it.

Communications Coordinator — Katarina Wildermuth

Kat Wildermuth’s love for the ocean is rooted in her hometown of Encinitas, an environmentally-minded coastal community just north of San Diego, CA. Her curiosity and love for biology brought her north to Monterey to study molecular biology and statistics at CSU Monterey Bay. As she finishes her undergraduate coursework, Kat tutors genetics and works as a bioinformatics and evolutionary biology researcher. In her off time, she is a self-proclaimed “bird nerd” who spends most of the time outdoors looking for local and migrant species, alternating between her binocular and camera lens.

Kat first became involved in the Monterey Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation in January 2018 for a service learning project. She continued to volunteer after the project finished because she strongly believes there is an urgent need to demand environmental policy change and promote action within her community.

Kat’s dream is to have every single community member contribute to a cleaner and plastic-free future. She believes Monterey can become a pioneer of modern environmental living and conscientious consumerism as it continues to take a progressive stand against single-use plastics.


Events Coordinator – Michelle Menczkowski

Treasurer – Chris Locke


Adopt-A- Highway Captain – Alison Goss


Ocean Friendly Gardens Genie – Ramie Allard


Local partnerships and affiliations

The Monterey Chapter of Surfrider has the advantage and privilege of being located in one of the most environmentally conscious and active areas in the country. This results in the ability to combine forces with other local, state, and even nation-wide organizations to achieve our goals. These local businesses and agencies support us.