Monterey County Chapter


We’re a group of people passionate about protecting our ocean and beaches. There are many ways for you to help out!

Blue water Task Force – We are starting a water testing program and need volunteers to pick up weekly samples and drop them off at our lab.
Beach Cleanups – Every month, we clean up a beach and record data that is used to inform policies that reduce pollution in our oceans. We provide everything you need for a successful and fun beach cleanup!
Ocean Friendly Restaurants – We have a fledgling program to certify restaurants for practices like not using plastics or offering straws only on request. There is always a need for folks to go out and talk to restaurants.
Plastic ordinance – We are working with several cities on developing plastic ordinances, and need volunteers to help spread the word on these ordinances and requirements to businesses.
Your passion! – Are you passionate about an ocean issue? Let us know and we can help you organize campaigns to get the word out and find the right people to work with.


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