Monterey County Chapter

Know your H2O

Most of us don’t think twice as we turn on the faucet to grab a glass of water, or use the hose to water our gardens. We take for granted that the water will be flowing and that it will be clean and safe to drink. Those simple acts are made possible by an incredible chain of events that links our entire state with our oceans, and drives some of the key environmental issues of our time.

Clean drinking water is one of the most rare and precious resources on the earth, yet we typically use it with little regard. Following a drop of our water: from origin, through its use, to disposal – reveals an expensive, and often wasteful journey that makes it clear we could be using water more wisely. Fortunately, we can alter this pattern by using the classic mantra: reduce, reuse and recycle to fundamentally reduce our water consumption and to solve ocean pollution issues at the same time.