The coastal commission is meeting in Monterey July 13-15. Please write a letter to the Coastal Commission outlining your concerns with the Cemex Sand Mine.

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The Surfrider Foundation Monterey Chapter is working to stop what it believes is un-permitted development under the Coastal Act by the CEMEX sand mining plant in Marina, California. CEMEX is believed to mine approximately 270,000 cubic yards of sand a year (and perhaps more), from the beach. Sand is a precious resource, vital to our coasts, and CEMEX’s operations are suspected to be a primary cause of beach and dune erosion in southern Monterey Bay. CEMEX is believed to be the cause of major erosion at regional public beaches such as the Marina Dunes Preserve, Fort Ord Dunes State Park, and Monterey State Beach. The Monterey Chapter is engaged to protect the region’s coastal resources, including its sandy beaches, from CEMEX’s operations, and to ensure CEMEX operations are in legal compliance.

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